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Thermodruckwerk Seiko CAPD247 58mm mit Cutter

CAPD247 Thermodruckwerk mit 58mm Papierbreite und Cutter


Beschreibung:58 mm Thermal Printer, EPO, Vp: 24 VDC, Speed: 200 mm/s
Seiko Instruments CAPD247, Peripherals: IF
SII CAPD Series:
> Max. printing speed: 200 mm/s
> Built-in auto cutter
> Easy paper operation
> Resolution: 8 dots/mm
Paper load:EPO = Easy paper operation
Printing Method:Thermal line dot printing
Number of dots/line:432
Resolution (dots/mm):8 dots/mm
Paper width:58 mm
Printing width:54 mm
Speed:max. 200 mm/s
Paper path:Curved
Detection Head temperature:By thermistor
Platen position detection:By mechanical switch
Out-of-paper detection:By photo interrupter
Dimensions (WxDxH):83,1 X 35,4 x 26,9 mm
Weight:131 g
Operating voltage:Vdd line: 2,7 V to 3,6 V
Vp line: 21,6 V to 26,4 V
Head:2,61 A max. (26.4V/144dots)
5,23 A max. (26.4V/288dots)
Motor:0,44 A max.
Auto-cutter:0,55 A max.
Paper Cut method:Slide
Cut type:Full cut / Partial cut (Leave center point)
Cutting pitch:10 mm min.
Cut time:
1 s / cycle min.
Cut frequency: 30 (cut/min) max.
Paper thickness:54 to 90 µm
Pulse activation:100 million pulses
Abrasion resistance:100 km
Life:700 000 cuts
Operating temperature:-10 to 50°C